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Welcome to the MyBestCasino – the reviewer dedicated to the best real money online slots sites in Canada, where you can find all the up-to-date information on online casinos in Canada, as well as a short guide on the gambling laws of the Canadian provinces and territories. The MyBestCasino team regularly ‘combs through’ active online casinos for the best options for an exciting game and the best online slots in Canada and prepares honest reviews for interested players.

TOP-15 Slot Games With Highest RTP for Canadians

What a Gambler Can Find at Top Slot Casinos

To the question "How does an online casino with top slots games differ from a regular online casino?" the answer can be unambiguous: reliability, transparent game play, gaming experience and bonuses for slots. Let's consider each of the points in more detail.

Transparent play software

Online casinos that value their reputation work only with trusted gaming providers. Regardless of whether they are traditional providers or crypto providers, each of them strives to provide licensed software using a certified RNG. When it comes to crypto casinos, it is important for the operator to fill its collection of games with instances with the Provably Fair function, which is based on a cryptographic method and is an algorithm that guarantees that nothing can affect the outcome of the game.

Bonuses for online slot machines

Best slots casino always cares about attracting an audience. And since the main part of the games in modern online casinos are slots (including mobile slots), the bonuses that the operator rewards players with are also aimed at promoting slots. These can be deposit and no deposit bonuses in the form of virtual cash from the casino, which cannot be cashed out, but you can play on them, as well as free spins. The main thing is to find out the conditions of these bonuses and fulfill them for a smooth game.

Gaming experience for slot lovers

Modern online casinos have a very large selection of slots. This happens because recently operators connect hundreds of games from various providers through the game aggregator. It’s impossible to play all of these best Canadian slot games in a short time to decide on your favorite slots. To do this, game providers provide slot lovers with the opportunity to play a demo version of each slot, when you don’t need to bet real money, but you can evaluate the slot for free and develop a winning strategy.

Types of Best Online Slots for Real Money in Canada

Online slots occupy the bulk of the gaming assortment in most online casinos. There are many varieties of these slots: classic slots, slots with multiple paylines (5 and 7 reels), bonus video slots, progressive jackpots, 3D slots, VR slots.

Classic slots

Based on the idea of old school slot machines, these slots are nostalgic. They usually have only 3 reels and a minimum of bonus features and exclusive mechanics. Graphics – fruits, bells, sevens. Suitable for gamblers who like a simple game.

Slots with multiple paylines

Although the interactive value of such slots is higher, they may seem difficult for inexperienced gamblers. Winning lines don’t have to be straight, they can go diagonally, vertically, zigzag, and so on. It can even hit several winning combinations at the same time.

Bonus video slots

The main part of the slots is in any case a bonus one, as it offers periodic free spins. But some slots are more elaborate and offer mini-games. In some cases, gamblers are even offered the ‘restart’ function of the bonus game, which is very popular with players, because then the chances of winning increase, as well as the amount of the winnings.

VR slots

The trend of the iGaming industry is the addition of virtual reality to the gaming process. The gambler is no longer a passive ‘clicker’ of the Play button, but is involved in the game. In such games, gamification technology is additionally used, when the player interacts with the game world by completing quests or designing their game character.

3D slots

For a more complete immersion in the game and going beyond the flat ‘screen’ world, 3D slots were created. These slots have a lot of original mechanics, themes are dedicated to popular films, shows, books.

Progressive jackpots

Most often, these are network slots, where players from different online casinos strive to win. The amount of winnings in such slots is truly huge. But there are also smaller, albeit impressive jackpots – local, within a certain online casino.

Real Money Slots vs Free Slot Games

Many gamblers are unanimous – there’s nothing better than playing slots for real money. But in fact, everything is not so simple, since there are important advantages in free games.

Real Money Slots

 Free Slot Games

  • Gambler can play the best real money slots and win real money and withdraw winnings
  • Gambler can play without registering at the online casino site
  • Bet on real money adds unique emotions, excitement and pleasant risk to the game
  • Gambler can play without providing personal data and identity documents
  • Real money betting gives the gambler the opportunity to play slots with progressive jackpots
  • Gambler can try out gaming strategies without the risk of losing your money
  • Gambler can take advantage of bonuses and promotions to increase winnings
  • No deposit required to start playing

Online Slots RTP & Online Gambling Volatility

In practice the theoretical RTP differs from the real one. The odds of winning while playing slots depend on many factors, for example, hit frequency (the chance of winning on any given spin), bonus frequency, the most possible win, volatility, etc.  

Online slots RTP  

RTP or Return-to-Player is the percentage of the entire amount of slot bets, which the slot, either online or offline, returns to the gambler as their winnings. What is known by the term “payout to the player” shows the % of winning bets to total bets. So, the payout percentage provided is a theoretical indicator of how much the slot or casino will return to the gambler in the long run. In addition to RTP, there’s also the concept of House Edge. The House Edge is, essentially, the percentage of the entire number of bets that the casino keeps or the gambler loses. That’s, if the RTP for the slot is, e.g., 96%, then the House Edge is 4%.

Online gambling volatility 

Another important factor that determines the probabilities of winning while playing slots is volatility.  A slot with a high Return-to-Player and high volatility could also be less popular among gamblers than a slot with a high Return-to-Player and low volatility, since in the 1st case the prospect of winning is more low than high. Volatility shows how often and how much winnings can be won in a particular slot. Volatility is low, medium and high. Slots with low volatility are programmed for more frequent but smaller wins. Slots with high volatility have a high payout rate and promise big wins, but there’re few small and medium wins in such slots.

Quick Slots Strategy Tips

Since slots are 100% random (which is confirmed by certificates from independent laboratories such as iTech and others), there can be no single “golden” winning strategy. But here are a couple of tips for getting the most out of the game.

Paytable will give a hint

It is better to start the game not with the ‘Play’ button, but with a scrupulous study of the paytable. Each symbol in the game has a value, and it is in the paytable that information is placed on how it works and what benefits it brings to the player.


A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Chasing a big win (progressive jackpot), you can lose a large amount of money. It is better to start with local jackpots within one online casino: they are smaller, but the chance of winning them is much higher.


Timeless classic

Many gamblers are not interested in playing simple slots, although they often have a higher payout percentage. If you are seduced by the exciting design of a new slot machine, you can miss your profit.


Choose a safe casino

Everything is logical here - a certified and licensed operator has a good reputation not from scratch. To choose the best one, study gamblers’ reviews on best gambling websites to play online slots in Canada.


Don't miss out on bonuses

A bonus is the easiest way to get an extra chance to win. The main thing is to carefully read the terms of the bonus so that there are no unpleasant situations, for example, when a player cannot withdraw the winnings received from the bonus because they didn’t fulfill the wagering requirements.

TOP 10 Online Slots Sites

In this section, we provide you with a list of the best online slot casinos in Canada so that you can accurately choose only profitable high RTP slots to play. Such information will be useful for connoisseurs of slots from popular and young game providers. Scroll down the page below for a list of the best slots to play at a casino and helpful tips for playing online slots.

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