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Here you will find useful information about online casinos and land-based casinos in Quebec, the laws and taxes that apply to gambling, the responsible gambling policies offered by the best online casinos in Quebec, and much more.

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Legality of Quebec Online Casinos

There are few Quebec gambling sites. The province offers its residents the online gambling platform, which operates in accordance with the laws of the province and satisfies all legal conditions for the provision of online gambling services for citizens of Quebec. Also, Loto-Québec in Quebec has established a state-owned Mise-o-jeu retail betting site in the province and a state-owned high-odds online sportsbook, Mise-o-jeu+, which, unlike Mise-o-jeu, is available only through mobile devices. These resources offer casino services, as well as live betting on all sports events and poker room tournaments for real money. By the way, Loto-Québec Lotteries and Mise-o-jeu have specially created mobile apps available in their official stores. Mise-o-jeu+ only has a mobile version of the site, which is suitable for both Android and iOS, but is only available within Quebec. There are no other regulated resources of online gambling in Quebec, so residents of the province also use the services of foreign online gambling sites that don’t have the right to advertise their services in Canada, but accept bets and deposits from Quebecers, as well as pay them winnings to their gaming account.

Quebec Casinos History

5 Historical Facts About Quebec Casinos

Gambling history of Alberta has enough events, although the beginning of legal gambling was laid quite recently.
  • 1

    1884 – the first National Lottery was held, which was established by the priest Antoine Labelle, also known as Curé Labelle, to sponsor the Société de colonization du diocèse de Montréal. The draw was carried out despite the refusal of the Legislative Council.

  • 2

    1890 – under the influence of Curé Labelle, a lottery was established in support of the Saint Jean-Baptiste Association.

  • 3

    1968 – Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau established a form of public lottery that acted as a voluntary tax to reduce Montreal’s budget deficit.

  • 4

    1969 – Quebec authorities passed the Lotteries and Races Act and the Loto-Québec Lottery Commission was founded.

  • 5

    2010 – Loto-Québec launched with prior government approval. The site provides 24/7 online gambling to Quebecers. It was created to protect the people of Quebec and keep the money they spend on bets within the province.

Gambling Laws and Taxes in Quebec

Quebec has their own laws on gambling controlled by the regulator the Quebec Commission on Alcohol, Racing, and Gambling. Their role is to legislate and ensure safe and fair gaming throughout the province and on the website. Section 6(2) of the Code states peremptorily that “no person shall be convicted … of an offence committed outside of Canada” with the exception of crimes against humanity (terrorism, human trafficking, and so on). Therefore, if unregulated gaming services for Quebecers, which is a criminal offense in Canada, takes place somewhere outside of Canada, no one can be convicted for it – neither the player nor the operator. Consequently, foreign operators can offer their services to Quebec residents if they don’t have a representative office or office in Canada. In addition, Quebec authorities don’t have the constitutional authority to enact laws that restrict financial services or international telecommunications. Also in 2022, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed Quebec’s appeal to legally block gaming sites by ISPs. The province legalizes the activity of casinos, private lotteries and sweepstakes at racetracks, and the admission age is from 18 years. The punishment will be only for serving underage players. At the same time, the legislation punishes only the owners of the establishment. There was no case that a gambler received a prison sentence or a fine for online gambling on the website of a foreign operator. International operators offer Canadian players to make payments through third-party services and websites, so a gambler can play in a foreign online casino without any problems. As far as taxes are concerned, the player is not required to report their winnings to the Québec Revenue Service or pay tax on their winnings, unless the gambling activity in the casino is a way for the gambler to regularly earn money. In other words, the payment of taxes on winnings concerns professional players, who also improve their skills by learning the intricacies of the game in special courses.

Top-3 Land-Based Casinos in Quebec

Those who live in cities such as Laval, Trois-Rivières and so on and don’t have access to the grandiose land-based casinos that are within walking distance in the largest cities of Quebec, can play in the best overseas online casinos. But if possible, try to visit the land-based casinos listed below for a special gaming experience.

Casino Montreal

The largest casino in Canada, opened in 1993, is also unique in that it is housed in buildings originally designed for the 1967 Montreal Expo. At first, the casino was located in one pavilion, but soon after the opening it ceased to accommodate players and over time it was expanded to all Expo’67 pavilions in Quebec. The buildings were reconstructed from time to time and today Casino Montreal occupies three buildings of different heights (the largest is 5 floors), is located on more than 48,000 square meters and is one of the city’s attractions. A giant multimedia wall 14 meters wide and 21 meters high is used for spectacular projections and is in itself a unique and distinctive feature among all casinos competing with Montreal. 3,000+ slot machines, hundreds of gaming tables, the opportunity to play poker and roulette, as well as visit any of the four restaurants located in the gaming area are waiting for those who come here.

Casino du Lac-Leamy

The Lac-Leamy casino was opened in 1996 in a former quarry on the edge of Lake Leamy (Gatineau, Quebec City) and was originally called the Hull Casino. In September 2012, the casino launched a project to upgrade its gaming area. The project included a new bar and nightclub, as well as a refurbishment of the High Limits lounge and main lobby, as well as the addition of a multi-media structure within the casino itself. This “casino of tomorrow”, as it was called in the press, was designed to create a completely new atmosphere, thus helping to attract more players to the halls. Lac-Leamy casino currently has 1800+ slots and 60 game tables, including blackjack, American and English roulette, poker, and a number of other games beloved by all the regulars. The casino has a separate poker room with 16 tables. There is also a wide range of bars and restaurants to choose from, including Le Baccara, the Five Diamond gourmet restaurant serving French cuisine, and the Arôme restaurant. Adjacent to this casino is the Hilton Hotel.

Casino de Charlevoix

Casino Charlevoix was opened in 1994 in the former summer gambling house “Manoir Richelieu” on the cliffs of Pointe-au-Pic, offering a panoramic view of the city, visited by vacationers for over a hundred years. Later, the Charlevoix casino became the first of the Quebec casinos, which was built on the site of a hotel, and which offered hotel services to its out-of-town visitors. 700+ slots, video poker terminals and other electronic gambling await guests. There are about 20 game tables for blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker in the hall. Two bars and a picturesque view of the St. Lawrence River allow players to combine vivid emotions from excitement and from beautiful landscapes.

Responsible Gaming in Quebec

In May 2023, leading online gaming operators launched the Quebec Online Gaming Coalition (QOGC), partnering with the provincial government and local stakeholders to create a new regulatory framework for the online gaming industry. QOGC’s mission is standardized responsible gaming controls to protect vulnerable and underage players. There are support organizations in Quebec that provide professional assistance to gamblers:

  • Gambling help and advice:
  • Psymontreal Treatment Center: 855-510-4328
  • Canadian Safety Board: 613-739-1535

As for the self-isolation options that are available to Quebecers when playing at online casinos, it is worth mentioning the option to completely delete the account or the option of temporary self-isolation. This option makes the gambler inaccessible to all advertising mailing lists of online casinos. It is impossible to interrupt self-isolation ahead of time, and the terms are set by the player themselves. The Responsible Gaming program also has a reality check option. It only applies to games played for real money. Before each round, the player can set a limit on the amount they plan to use for the game, and a limit on the time they plan to devote to the game. You can also control your spending in the game thanks to the deposit limit feature, which allows you to deposit only a certain amount within a set time. The limit settings are applied instantly when the player wants to deposit less money, but if they want to change the settings to deposit more money, the changes will have to wait from a day to seven days. In addition, there is a loss limit option, which also applies to the funds already in the game account.