Privacy and Cookie Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) determines the procedure for processing and protecting personal information about Users, which we can receive during their use of the site (‘We’, ‘Our’, ‘Us’, ‘Website’, ‘Service’, ‘Administration’). ‘MyBestCasino’ with great reverence perceives the importance of preserving the personal information of Users, therefore, it collects and processes only that information about Users, incl. their personal data, which is necessary to fulfill the obligations of the Website administration to provide the Service. Users should read the terms of this Privacy Policy before using

1. General provisions

Using the Service that is offered via browser that accepts data from cookies means the User’s consent to the fact that the Administration can collect and process data from cookies for the purposes provided for in this Policy, as well as to transfer data from cookies to 3rd parties in the cases listed in this Policy.

2. Required data

2.1 In order for User to be ready to freely use the info posted on our Website, we may be interested in certain data, namely:

  • data about User’s geolocation, IP address
  • the text of search queries that User formed on the site earlier
  • the variants of services provided that User viewed
  • time, day, month, year of site visit
  • browser version
  • transitions between categories (User’s behavior when using the Website), etc.

2.2 There are several reasons why we collect data. First of all, all this kind of data allows us to better understand each User and their personal algorithm for using the site. Using this data, we can optimally present our offers on the Website and improve access to them, such as navigation. In addition, based on this data, personalized messages can be prepared for the User, which will contain information that is of interest to them. Also, using the collected data, it is possible to determine the specific number of visitors to our Website, their browsing trends and evaluate statistics in order to subsequently improve the level of service for visitors.

2.3 It is important to understand that posting information on the internet is the responsibility of the User, since even with the most modern methods of protecting information, there are cyber-scammers who seek to crack the protection. But ‘MyBestCasino’ takes certain and necessary measures to keep the data received from Users confidential. Even an accidental leak of information is unacceptable, not to mention the targeted theft of data. Using modern and worldwide recognized encryption technologies and reliable software, we strive to prevent unauthorized disclosure and theft of User data.

2.4 ‘MyBestCasino’ servers keep Users’ information confidential and limits the circle of persons who, if necessary, have access to Users’ personal data, only to employees and representatives of the business with which ‘MyBestCasino’ cooperates. All these persons undertake to maintain the confidentiality of the information received, following strict contractual obligations, for the violation of which sanctions will be implemented, up to the strictest ones.

2.5 For the data that we may need, there is a different temporary storage period. It all depends on the purpose for which the data was collected. If the information is collected incorrectly, we will immediately eliminate this error, and direct all resources to collect the correct information, and the erroneous information will be corrected or deleted.

3. Cookies

3.1 Cookies are small text files with service information for the browser. In other words, the server exchanges data about the sites visited by the user with a web browser on a PC or mobile gadget. Information in cookies can be very different. For example, such files often store visit statistics, a user behavior pattern on the site, and so on.

3.2 The main purpose of cookies is to form surfing the web easier. User doesn’t need to constantly enter registration data on the sites that they frequently visit. This reduces the load on the server and increases the speed of opening pages.

3.3 Permanent cookies are information stored in a text file in the browser directory used to surf the internet. The storage period for persistent cookies can be set by us. At the end of the set period, the data is automatically deleted.

3.4 Third party cookies are files that are not located on User’s computer, but are hosted on third party servers. For example, Google Analytics, various browser scripts, etc. They exchange data with User’s internet browser. We need third-party cookies to analyze traffic and other metrics.

3.5 We will not use the information stored in essential cookies for any other purpose than as absolutely necessary to provide User with the services and functionality they have requested. If you choose not to accept cookies, this may affect the User experience of the Website; you may not be able to use some of the features and services we offer.

4. Links to other websites

The ‘MyBestCasino’ website contains links that redirect the User to third-party websites. And although we carefully check each link, we are not responsible for the protection of the personal data of Users who click on these links. This Privacy Policy applies only to the site

5. Online casino and online gambling services

5.1 ‘MyBestCasino’ specializes in unbiased online casino reviews that we publish on this Website. However, any online casinos mentioned in ‘MyBestCasino’ reviews have their own privacy policy and terms of service. Thus, ‘MyBestCasino’, which publishes reviews on the website, is not responsible for any kind of losses incurred by Users on third-party sites or online casinos.

5.2 Only the User is solely responsible for not violating the laws of their country of residence regarding the legality of online gambling in it. We recommend that each User, before creating an account in an online casino, carefully study the provisions of the Privacy Policy of this online casino, its Terms and Conditions, as well as any other legal information posted on the website of the online casino selected by the User.

6. Underage Users

Despite the fact that it is difficult to organize a biased verification of the age of Users in the internet space, ‘MyBestCasino’ declares with all responsibility: the materials posted on the website are intended for review and use only by Users 18+ or by Users whose age corresponds to age established by the legislation of the country of residence of these Users as legal for online gambling. Users under the age of 18 or the legal age of their country of residence for participating in online gambling are prohibited from accessing or using the materials and services hosted on

7. Updates to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy doesn’t expire. We consider ourselves obliged to warn that the Policy may be revised by us at any time, therefore we recommend that you regularly re-read the terms of the ‘MyBestCasino’ Privacy Policy in order not to miss important changes in its provisions. For your convenience, any changes to the Privacy Policy will be publicly announced on our Website. The current Privacy Policy is always available on this page. All changes to the Privacy Policy take effect from the moment of publication.