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Richard Hayes


It would seem that the ability to bet online, and not in the usual land-based casinos, has already taken the gambling excitement to a new level. But not only between land-based and online casinos there is a fundamental difference. The “experienced” online “oldies” often lose to their newly launched competitors. We offer you a variety of the best new online casinos in 2023. Find out why trying a new online casino can be more profitable for a gambler than continuing to play in a long-familiar one.

Best New Casinos in July 2024

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5 Reasons to Play at a New Casino

Everyone knows about the benefits of "deserved" online casinos: reputation, proven games and more. An amateur gambler may not even notice the difference at first, but once they "try out" the gameplay and the level of services in new online casinos, they simply don’t want to return to the old positions. It's all about a completely new user experience. New online casinos have raised the bar ever higher and modern gamblers definitely don't want to settle for less.

"Redeeming" bonuses and promotions 

If an online casino has just appeared on the market, it doesn’t yet have a big name that could sound like a sign of the quality of a great game. The young brand has yet to earn a name for itself. This is why new online casinos offer such generous welcome bonuses to new players in Canada. Moreover, it can be both deposit and no deposit bonuses, for example, free spins. 


Thousands of games from dozens of providers 

One of the trends among new online casino operators is the use of game aggregators to increase the range of games through a single seamless integration. Previously, online casinos were forced to enter into an agreement with each of the game providers separately and were most often limited to several providers due to technical obstacles. Now, with the help of a game aggregator, hundreds of games from different providers “arrive” to the online casino site at the same time, and their total number in the online casino lobby is in the thousands. You can choose from fiat and crypto providers, from well-known and young brands. 


Fewer people - more chance of winning 

A beginner online casino has a very modest player base. And this plays into the hands of those gamblers who know how to use their chance. After all, the smaller the base, the more opportunities to win in tournaments and prize draws, where success depends on the number of competing players. 


The opportunity to update your impressions 

It is not uncommon for gamblers to switch from one online casino to another because they are bored with their current online gambling site. A new design, new bonuses, a new loyalty program, new games are desired, that is, the situation is wanted to be changed. And there are those players who are sure that they will be lucky in a new online casino, because there they are, as it were, beginners, and beginners are lucky. 


The principle of "more is not less" 

Even if the player has no complaints about the usual online casino and continues to play in it, you can always add another online casino to your personal entertainment list for a change. In new online casinos, registration is usually fast and there are a lot of games, so you can periodically "dive" from the familiar online gambling "lake" into the turbulent "river" of new experiences, and comparing bonuses, offers, promotions there, choose from them those which are beneficial to the gambler right now.

Which is Better: a New Online Casino or a Familiar One?

The choice is yours as usual, but we will explain the difference between the two options.

It is worth choosing a new online casino if:

  • you like to choose from thousands of slots,
  • you prefer free spins as a bonus,
  • you don’t want to bother with a long registration,
  • you are not embarrassed that the range of payment methods is not wide,
  • you like the opportunity to bet in cryptocurrency.

You shouldn’t choose a new online casino if:

  • a huge selection of slots only confuses you,
  • you think that quick registration is not serious, as there may be problems with identity confirmation when withdrawing winnings,
  • you don’t play slots, you like table games and the “free spins” bonus is useless for you.

It is worth staying at a familiar online casino if:

  • only one specific provider from the “old men” of the industry is important to you,
  • you need a generous sign up bonus,
  • it is important for you to have as many payment methods as possible,
  • you prefer to communicate with the support service by phone.

You shouldn’t stay in the old casino if:

  • you want to try new providers,
  • you want to play in a crypto casino,
  • contact support is unavailable.
New Online Casino or a Familiar One New Online Casino or a Familiar One

How to Make Sure a New Online Casino is Safe?

In fact, there are no special differences in the security criteria for a newly launched online casino and its "age brother". Recommendations are universal.

Make sure the online casino is licensed 

First of all, a gambler needs to check on the casino website not the conditions of the welcome bonus, no matter how “appetizing” it may be, but the availability of a gaming license from any of the world’s famous gambling regulators. The license guarantees that the activities of the online casino are regulated by law and legal. It is important to make sure that the license you have actually gives you the right to offer online gambling services in the part of the world where the gambler is located.

Carefully read real player reviews

Word of mouth is the best advertisement for any service. If gamblers are unanimous in listing the advantages of a particular operator on forums and specialized sites, it means that it has a really high reputation. It is also worth paying attention to new casino sites reviewers that don’t “stamp” good reviews, but use the gaming experience of their experts to compile unbiased reviews.

Check for tahird party certification

Usually, the site footer contains information not only about the license, but also about the laboratory that checks the games hosted in a certain online casino for the correct operation of the random number generator. Among such laboratories are eCOGRA, iTechLab and others.

Make sure the link to the site is not fraudulent

A secure connection to the newest casino sites is important for those gamblers who play for money, because during transactions and entering personal data on a fraudulent site, the safety of identity and funds is at risk. There are two signs that characterize a site as safe. Firstly, the spelling of the site address must begin with http://. Secondly, a small padlock should be displayed to the left of the web address. These signs are a guarantee that the connection to the site cannot be interrupted by fraudsters and player data will not be stolen.

New Trends in Online Casino Gambling

The iGaming industry is also developing thanks to new technological trends that it has adopted from different areas of life. We are talking about blockchain technology, streaming and gamification.
Blockchain technology 

Blockchain technology 

Blockchain is a digital database of info that reflects all completed transactions. At the same time, such info cannot be forged, deleted or quietly changed. Thanks to the blockchain, two variants of online casinos have emerged: a hybrid casino that accepts both fiat and cryptocurrencies, and a crypto casino that accepts only cryptocurrencies and operates without financial intermediaries (banks) between the player’s personal wallet and their game wallet. The advantage of blockchain for online gambling is the ability for a player to play in a casino anonymously, since crypto casinos don’t require personal information to register an account. Also, the speed of transactions thanks to the blockchain exceeds the speed of fiat transactions, and there are no commissions for deposits and withdrawals.

Streaming and socialization

Streaming and socialization

Streamers are now on the crest of popularity. In land-based casinos, it is quite common to see people crowding behind the back of a player who are interested in whether they win or lose. Streaming allows you to do the same at a new Canadian casino. Gamblers who watch the stream can even sometimes "bet behind", choose the bet amount and number of spins and play "together" with the streamer. The popularity of streamers is quite natural. Gamblers can follow the game in real time, and the streamer, in turn, makes every effort to make their game spectacular and collect as many viewers as possible on their stream. It often happens that a streamer and an online casino become partners in attracting the target audience.



Online gambling casinos have added elements of gamification to their games to attract a younger audience. Gamification has been a staple of video games since the beginning, thanks to which players can add personal preferences when choosing a character, complete special quests, and much more. All this is done in order to motivate the player to stay in the game as long as possible. In online casinos, gamification is used when organizing tournaments, when the best of the best players are shown on the top lines of the tournament table and receive various bonuses from the casino. Gamification in online casinos also extends to choosing a character and completing quests, which can become more difficult from level to level. And for the successful completion of the quest, the gambler can receive a prize - a medal, a cup, etc., which increases the level of their involvement and encourages them to play further.