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This section contains useful information about land-based and online casinos in the province of British Columbia, about legislation, tax fees that relate to gambling in this province, about the responsible gambling policy that the best online casinos in British Columbia (BC) offer, and so on.

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6 Historical Facts About British Columbia Casinos


British colonization of Canada began, the British brought their laws to Canada and therefore gambling (dice) was banned from the very beginning.


legalization of lotteries in Canada


one of the largest lotteries was established, which was carried out by the authorities of the province of British Columbia.


A branch of the Playtime Gaming establishment appeared in the province, first providing a bingo hall, and after some time expanded to halls with slot machines, roulette halls, restaurants, etc.


The first official casino in British Columbia opened.

2004’s first official online casino opened under government regulator British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

Top-3 Land-based Casinos in British Columbia

Starlight Casino

Spread over 105,000 square feet of spacious rooms with 1,000+ slot machines and table games, visitors will love it. For higher stakes, players are provided with private gaming parlors and luxury rooms for tight-knit companies (Royal Room and No9 Room). For those who want an experience beyond the gaming tables, there is the possibility to bet on horse races. Starlight Casino Racebook is located at Match Eatery & Public House. Also, gamblers can use the services of themed bars, buffet restaurants, Asian restaurants and visit the concert hall, where live music is played and concerts of various popular bands are organized. The casino is open 24/7.

Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

This casino is the largest in all of Greater Vancouver. The gaming hall covers 80,000 square feet and offers visitors almost 1,000 slot machines and tables with the best table games. Like Starlight, Hard Rock Casino is a member of the Encore Rewards loyalty program, which is valid in the province, whether you visit a land-based casino or online casino. Here you can earn prize dollars for playing for accumulated points, receive VIP offers and discounts in restaurants. There are four of them on the territory of Hard Rock Casino – Chip’s Sandwich Shop, Roadies Burger Bar, Fú Express, Asylum.

Grand Villa Casino

One of the first casinos that appeared in the province of British Columbia. It is not as large as the previous casinos that we talked about, but it is not inferior to them in terms of the fullness of the halls. Here, visitors can find more than 1000 slots and fifty gaming tables, a poker room and a VIP room where maximum limits are allowed. Players have access to an electronic table games, live croupiers and video games room, where gamblers can use three dozen interconnected personal gaming stations located in a stadium configuration and watch live dealer games on a video wall. Gamblers can accumulate Encore Rewards loyalty points and use them in restaurants (6 establishments with a variety of cuisine and serving dishes), as well as during the gameplay.

Responsible Gambling in British Columbia

Responsible Gambling is a specific set of measures that aims at a healthy approach to gambling. Many governments, community organizations and casinos have adopted responsible gambling policies. Its main principles include the following:

  • players are always informed about the possible risks of gambling;
  • game statistics are always available;
  • assistance is provided to those players who already suffer from gambling addiction;
  • Underage clients are not allowed to play the game.

The provincial government provides local residents with free access to resources to support informed choice while gambling. There is an online support feature or a 24/7 hotline at 1-888-795-6111. Gambling Outreach Service Stream (GOS) is educating residents of British Columbia through social media, workshops and information sessions. Residents also have access to free multilingual clinical counseling services – individually, in pairs or groups. Safe casino play exists. Many players can start gambling with ease and treat it as a form of entertainment. Safe play is characterized by the following features:

  1. Take gambling as an interesting pastime.
  2. Control time and financial losses during the game.
  3. You need to play only in your free time, not to the detriment of your family or work.
  4. Bets are made only on free money.
  5. There should be no feeling of remorse after the game.

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