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Richard Hayes
Richard Hayes


The hallmark of every online casino today is its welcome bonus. For a casino, this is the most convenient and fastest way to introduce itself to players, because most often good clothes open all doors. So that the gambler does not get lost in all the variety of welcome bonuses (for registration, for the first deposit, no deposit, etc.), so that they know how to calculate the real value of the bonus and what conditions of the welcome bonus should be paid special attention to, we offer an expert opinion about the best welcome casino bonuses in Canada.

Welcome Bonuses for Canadians

What is the welcome bonus?

As the name of the bonus suggests, it’s intended to “welcome” new gamblers to the online casino. Most often, such a bonus is given for completing the registration procedure or for making the first deposit. In this case, the bonus acts as an advertising ‘incentive’ that motivates players to start playing at a new online casino for them. The amount of the bonus at different online casinos can vary from the standard amount of around 1000 CAD to the very generous amounts of 5000 CAD or even 7000 CAD. True, the latter option is probably accompanied by very high wagering conditions, for example, the 70х. In fact, even a standard bonus can come with high wagering requirements – it depends on the decision of the online casino. But basically the standard bonus accompanies the standard wagering – 35x or 40x.

Popular types of welcome casino bonus

There are a lot of welcome bonus options at the moment, and they can vary from casino to casino. But there are some that can be found in almost any online casino.

Cashable bonus

This bonus is called ‘non-sticky’. There are lower wagering requirements compared to the ‘sticky’ bonus and it’s possible to withdraw this bonus along with winnings. However, as practice shows, operators most often offer non-cashable bonuses and much less often – cashable ones.

Free spins

A very popular bonus, common in online casinos, where there is a large assortment of online slots. This bonus is usually given for certain types of slots and allows the operator to promote them among the gambler audience. Free spins can be no deposit and deposit. In the second case, their value is higher than the cost of free spins without a deposit.

Specialized Bonus

Usually this type of bonuses is offered to a specific type of player. For example, the mobile game welcome bonus is intended for players who prefer to play at the casino exclusively from smartphones and tablets. And the live casino welcome bonus only applies to games with live croupiers.

Non-cashable bonus

This bonus is also called ‘sticky’, because this bonus doesn’t allow a player to withdraw a big win and the player seems to be ‘glued’ to the casino in order to win more. Players highlight both disadvantages and advantages in it. The first ones include the fact that upon receiving 100 CAD of bonus money, a player can win, for example, 50 CAD from them, and withdraw only them, and not all 150 CAD (bonus and winnings). But the advantage of such a bonus is that the gambler doesn’t have to fulfill the strict wagering conditions.

First deposit bonus

In fact, where the first deposit is, there are other deposits, but this bonus is called so because the player can get it only by making the amount set by the online casino as the first deposit. If the gambler made the first deposit and didn’t use the received bonus, then at the time of making the second deposit, the bonus may ‘burn out’. The minimum deposit amount is usually listed in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section of the online casino.

Bonus for registration

Unlike the first deposit bonus, which is always ‘cash’, the online casino sign-up bonus can be both deposit and no deposit, but most often it doesn’t require financial investments. To receive it, you need to register a game account and the online casino immediately rewards you with free spins. The registration bonus, regardless of whether it’s a deposit or not, requires the gambler to play in accordance with the wagering conditions established by the online casino.

How to Find the Best Online Casino Welcome Bonus?

Online casinos are usually generous with bonus offers, because their task is to interest gamblers with a bright candy wrapper. But not all bonus offers in a row are worth using. For an objective choice, we suggest you compare several online casinos you like and their welcome bonus conditions.

Read the bonus text carefully

Please note that the most tempting offers of bonus conditions are written on the banners in huge letters, and the conditions for them are written in small letters and nondescript font. The conditions may not catch the eye of the gambler at all, because the online casino may place them on a separate web page of the 'Terms and Conditions' section. So, before making a choice in favor of a certain online casino, please study all the conditions of the welcome bonus that it offers.

Consider bonus wagering requirements

Wagering requirements can be of several types: wagering the bonus amount and wagering the bonus + deposit amount. In the first case, wagering conditions will be less financially costly than in the second.

Wagering the bonus amount

The player receives a bonus with 35x wagering requirements. If the bonus is 100 CAD, and the deposit is 100 CAD, the player must wager 7,000 CAD (bonus + deposit x 35x) before they can withdraw their winnings. In fact 35x is a very rare wagering requirement, most sign-up bonuses in Canada have wagering requirements ranging from 40x to 60x, with occasional 70x as well.

Wagering amount bonus + deposit

The player receives a bonus with 35x wagering requirements. If the bonus is 100 CAD, and the deposit is 100 CAD, the player must wager 7,000 CAD (bonus + deposit x 35x) before they can withdraw their winnings.

In fact 35x is a very rare wagering requirement, most sign-up bonuses in Canada have wagering requirements ranging from 40x to 60x, with occasional 70x as well.

How to claim a casino welcome bonus?

For those gamblers who have no experience in receiving welcome casino sign-up bonuses, we are happy to offer a detailed guide. The process of obtaining such a bonus is not at all complicated, as you will be able to see by reading the text below.
  • 1

    Take a look at our list of the best online casinos for Canadians and choose one or more of the top welcome bonus casinos in your opinion. Go to the page of the official site of the selected casino and read the terms of the welcome bonus to be sure that the game process will not be overshadowed by unaccounted for conditions. Pay special attention to the wagering requirements (if the bonus has them).

  • 2

    Register your account at the selected online casino by filling in all the required fields in the registration form. Please note that a crypto online casino will require a minimum amount of data during registration, but a fiat or hybrid online casino will require you to provide much more personal data, up to identity verification (for this you need to provide a copy of your identity documents).

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    If the welcome bonus is due to the gambler for registration, then immediately after passing this stage, the bonus will be automatically credited to the account. If the welcome bonus refers to the first deposit, then in order to receive this bonus, the player must deposit money into their casino account.

 Advantages and disadvantages of welcome bonus

It would seem that what disadvantages a bonus can have, because it is a kind of 'gift' from the casino. But in reality, certain bonuses can have their own pitfalls. Let's talk more about the pros and cons of the latest casino welcome bonuses.

Welcome bonus advantages

1. Opportunity to ‘get acquainted’ with online casinos It often happens that a gambler doesn’t know for sure which games they will like. Of course, to get acquainted with the casino, you can use the demo version of the games – you don’t even need to register for this. But to really evaluate the functionality of an online casino through demo games will not work. But thanks to the welcome bonus, on the contrary, it will work out. For example, a welcome no deposit bonus (such as free spins) allows you not only to ‘test’ the strategy of playing slots, but also to earn real money in the casino without investing a single cent of your own. And after the gambler has won some amount thanks to the bonus, they will be able to evaluate the speed of withdrawing winnings in this particular online casino and decide whether they should make a deposit in this casino or better choose another online casino. 2. Instant guaranteed receipt The welcome bonus is automatically credited to the gambler’s account as soon as the conditions for receiving it are met. If this is a registration bonus, the gambler receives it immediately upon completion of the registration procedure. If this is a first deposit bonus, it automatically comes to the player’s game account immediately after the first cash deposit is credited. No need to wait long, no need to contact technical support to get a welcome bonus. 3. It’s the part of the welcome package Certain online casinos don’t just offer players a single welcome bonus, they give gamblers a whole welcome package, in which, in addition to this bonus, there are many more offers for further deposits. This increases the player’s bankroll, and at the same time the chances of winning. The welcome package allows the player to play longer, because if a gambler has only a certain amount allocated for games, and they have distributed it to deposits, then due to the welcome package, the gambler will be able to play much more than they would play using his original budget.

Welcome bonus disadvantages

1. High bonus wagering conditions The generous welcome bonus is often balanced by very high wagering requirements. As we mentioned above, most often online casinos set 40x-60x bonus wagering conditions, which can actually prevent players from withdrawing their big winnings. After all, even if the bonus amount is 100 CAD, the gambler needs to bet 4,000-6,000 CAD before cashing out the winnings. And during this time, you can lose even the biggest jackpot plucked thanks to the bonus. 2.Withdrawal limit First of all, it will scare away high rollers. After all, what is the point of making big bets in the hope of hitting the jackpot if the bonus has a low withdrawal limit. Here you also need to read the terms of the bonus very carefully in order to plan the amount for the bet in advance. 3. Bonus expiration date No matter how generous the bonus offer is, check its expiration date. It may happen that the bonus looks tempting, but in the Terms and Conditions section it says that the period of its validity is very short, for example, a week. And it is immediately clear that it’s impossible to win back this bonus in a week, adhering to the usual game strategy. This means that this bonus is not for you and it’s better to find another one, perhaps in another casino. 4. Restrictions on the choice of games A common misconception for beginners is the belief that a welcome bonus can be applied to any game at the online casino of their choice. Actually it’s not. The simplest example is free spins. They only apply to slots. If the bonus is a deposit one, the radius of its action increases, although not by much. Slots may include keno games or something else, but they will never be live casino games (unless, of course, the welcome bonus is specifically aimed at this category of games).

The Terms and Conditions of Welcome Bonuses

Usually, the 'Terms and Conditions' section contains a lot of information, and therefore many players are simply too lazy to study it, and someone is sure in advance that the rules are too confusing and difficult to understand. We are glad to inform you that once you have figured it out, you will easily navigate through such information in the future, as most of the bonus conditions from different online casinos are the same and there are only small differences between them, which, nevertheless, you need to know.

Bonus expiration dates

Carefully read the part of the information section about the bonus, which says what time limits it has. You can lose a profitable bonus if you don’t study this topic carefully enough.

Wagering conditions

Without fulfilling the wagering requirements, it is impossible for the player to withdraw their winnings. The situation is complicated by the size of the wagering, in some online casinos it reaches up to 70x.

Win limits

The online casino sets the maximum amount a player can win with a casino bonus. If a player wins an amount that exceeds the limit, he will not be able to claim it.

Assortment of bonus games

Not every game can be eligible for a bonus offer. It happens that, fascinated by the generosity of the welcome bonus, the player begins to draw pictures in his imagination of how they use this bonus when playing their favorite slot, but in reality it turns out that the slot available for the bonus is completely different.

Refund limits

In the description of the welcome bonus, online casinos often indicate the following info: “100% return on the deposit amount, but not more than N dollars.” This N dollars is the maximum amount that a player can receive as a bonus, so there is no need to make a too high deposit.

Minimum deposit

The conditions of the welcome bonus always indicate the minimum amount that must be deposited in order to receive the bonus.